The Great Wall of RA



fault mag 6


fault mag 1  fault mag 2

fault mag 3

fault mag 4

fault mag 5


fault mag 7

fault mag 8

fault mag 9




fault-6  fault-8



It was a very long gifting process. I think I gif-ted this twice and if given the chance… I will gif this again.

Because Richard Armitage is worth it. I love the last gif in which he’s looking up and it’s as if the angels come down from the heavens and look down oh him with rapture and… okay I’ll stop now.


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2 thoughts on “The Great Wall of RA

  1. Luv it, this is one of my fav photo-shoots. He is totally stubble-licious (prefer over beard, but will not kick out of bed). Have you seen “blue jeans” fanvid pn youtube? Music goes perfectly…. Cheers

  2. Wow! You have awesome skills.. Anyway, photographer is a nice job, isn’t it?

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