Hand of Embarrassment


There is something about Richard’s, as what Guylty coined, hand of embarrassment that I always wanted to look for it in every interviews. Maybe he doesn’t seem to notice how often he does it. Others look for a smile. Some look for a glimpse of those beautiful eyes directed on the screen. But to me, it’s this.


Sometimes he just uses two or three fingers to caress his stubble, more often he uses one to touch the side of his nose. My favorite one was during the George Stroumboulopoulos’ show in his visit to Canada to promote The Hobbit – An Unexpected Journey. In the interview , George showed him one of his fan videos. (See gif below) He covered his eyes and he wore that playful grin.


So it started out as one or two videos that I saw him doing that adorable habit of his… And then I went back to his older interviews and… it’s like seeing gold! It’s almost as if I hit the jackpot and GIF it right away.


And now… it’s become a thing-to-do of mine when I’m watching his interviews. When I see him doing it in an interview, I would smile and tell myself “he’s doing that again” and “Imma GIF you”


You can see the variations from beard-love to nose-graze, between-the-eyes-thumbing, lip-playing, chin-touching… and it’s for you to name then all.


Some say this signifies that uneasiness he feels and sometime that self-consciousness that he’s sometimes guilty of. For me, it always shows how shy he can be on interviews and you know that fame he’s been having isn’t making him less shy.


Richard has many habits all of us fans want to see. There’s that gesticulating thing that he does too. And that sitting like a h… but to me. This is my favorite.  This is a welcome distraction. When I see this on his interviews… it’s a like a home-run.

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29 thoughts on “Hand of Embarrassment

  1. micra1 on said:

    Shyness… uneasiness during interviews. And brushing his thigh, like during Tokyo press conference while Jackson and Freeman were praising him like an actor and human being. The man is still candid and I hope he will remain this way 🙂

  2. Yeah … that hand seems to go to his face a lot. Aww, Richard. 🙂

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  4. This is a bit of an alternate theory of mine, but sometimes I wonder if this face-touching is related to his psoriasis? I am prone to the occasional bout of it and it makes my skin crazy itchy, especially when I am wearing makeup. Anyways just a thought. I think it’s actually more likely that the hand of embarrassment is just an adorable tick 🙂

    • That’s one way to looking at it. It is known that he has? If it’s the case, it’s still very adorable. I’m talking about his and yours. ^__^

      • micra1 on said:

        I read he said he must take care of his skin because of psoriasis but I can’t remember which interview was. Just think what he had to bear wearing all prosthetic shooting The Hobbit! But I think his hand gestures come from shyness. I once was (still am in a way) a big fan of Sting, the musician, and he had the same gesture whit hands, touching his nose etc. And he too is an incredibly shy and introvert guy. He later learned to control himself a bit (just a bit), we’ll see if RA will go on as he is. I hope so. He’s so cute… 🙂

      • Haha thanks 🙂 I am gonna agree with micral and say that I did remember seeing it in an interview-the one where he talks about how he’s not particularly “alpha” and that he moisturizes, but that it’s because he tends to get psoriasis if he doesn’t take care of his skin. And yeah I can’t imagine how irritating the prosthetics were for his poor face! Poor baby lol 🙂

        I also agree re: his adorableness. I do think it’s mostly shyness because he also does the hand-on-leg-of-embarrassment. One of us clearly needs to find him, tell him he’s gorgeous, and then sit back and observe what he does!

  5. Servetus on said:

    Love that you have a WP blog now. *Please* keep blogging here.

    I frequently rub the tip of my nose because it itches for no apparent reason. That’s just me, though 🙂

    I love all the self grooming, it’s so sweet. Though every now and then I wish he would sit on his hands. Since he can make himself be still while acting, though, I guess that’s the main thing. 🙂

    Did I say I was SO GLAD YOU ARE HERE!!!!??

  6. Ga, darling, I never realised that you were RAddicted – and I mean that as “you are the owner of a blog called RAddicted” – I do know that you are RA-addicted, otherwise 😉
    First of all – was it really me who coined that phrase? If so: Kudos to me *haha* – if it was someone else: sorry for stealing your glory.
    But now to the main point: I LOVE your gifs. And the fact that you are addicted enough to go back and search for the gestures in all his interviews, giffing them and then presenting them to us. Some of your gifs are mesmerising. I have literally sat and stared at them for minutes on end. And not only the ones where RA is taking his kit off, may I hastily add. You are a star, making these and sharing them with us! I am repeating this a lot today, but I have to say RA is lucky to have this fandom. And we are lucky to have him.
    Thanks and xxoo

  7. Love this. Now you’ve got us all watching for these gestures at the next interview!

  8. This so cute. I’m just like you I have started to look for his hand gestures. I feel abit embarrased over myself honestly.
    I think he could do these things because he’s nervous. I get a lot of tics myself when I’m nervous, like smacking my lips and waiwing my feet and hands. But sometimes his gestures makes me wonder if he has a cold al the time or is allergic.
    But it’s really cute, hope he wont change. But I don’t want him to feel too nervous either, I hope he will feel confident or get more confident in these kinds of situations.

  9. Giggles!
    Loved these gifs! RA needs a PA with a boat load of kleenex in her purse. Ha!
    Cheers! Grati ;->

    • Can anyone of us be his PA? Pweeaassseeee?

      • bollyknickers on said:

        One of the fans who met him when he was filming Black Sky mentioned his PA and i thought at the time that must be one of the best jobs around. Apart from getting to spend time with RA in his trailer (swoon) he doesn’t strike me as the high maintenance type – he’d be unlikely to throw a tantrum because the wrong brand of mineral water was in the fridge. And i remember a caterer on something else (Spooks?) saying he made a point of thanking them EVERY DAY for making his breakfast. What a lovely job – to look after someone so appreciative and humble.

        As for the hand gestures – they are very endearing. And the gifs make them even more so..

      • Hey GaPorter,
        I would sighhhhhn up to be RA’s PA. Ha! And lovely accounts to bollyknickers–there was no reply button.
        Cheers! Grati;->
        P.S. GaPorter, I linked your post here to my blog sidebar section of “You know you’re an RA Fan If …” Ha!

  10. I loved this. For me, it’s his hand-talking. His use of hand gestures, and “cupping” while he talks. It makes me giggle. And when I see it, I think “aahhh! he did it again!” Love it.

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    Ga says it all for me.

  12. I love it! Wonderful to see all his gestures together. I want to hug him now 🙂

  13. heartbuttercup on said:

    Maybe this is why we like him so much 🙂
    A Berkeley study suggests that people who are easily embarrassed are considered more trustworthy and generous.


  14. This post is just perfect (just like the man) thanks so much! I arrived at your blog through Fanstravaganza, which was amazing, especially since I’m new to the RAfandom. Just curious, are you on twitter? Cheers

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